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Engaging Students in quest for knowledge and elevating their skills and talents

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It is known that Nepal School Mela-2021which has been running in association with PABSON and support with various schools and organizations including N-PABSON is Nepal's Largest Virtual Edufair in school level in present context. Since this Fair mainly targets the school level students and guardians, it indeed is a wise idea to reach out to the concerned groups through online quiz contest. Apart from this, the Online Quiz Contest will benefit the students by engaging them in quest for knowledge and elevating their skills and talents through the platform of Nepal School Mela.

About Quiz Contest

Studies and practices have shown that quiz games promote active learning and provide motivational impetus. They also enhance meaningful knowledge retention by igniting interest and placing theoretical subjects in a real world perspective. Besides these kinds of competitions, it also helps students to develop skills of group work and exploring competency.

Nepal School Mela is set to introduce Interschool Online Quiz Contest from 23rd Jestha, 2078. We adhere to the highest standard of preparation in order to create ideal atmosphere for all participating teams. We assure you that there will be a fair competition and maximum transparency. We hope you will have a wonderful quiz event and glorious titles for your performance.

The sole aim of the contest is to foster interaction among the students of different schools across the nation. We believe our endeavor will convene brilliant young minds together and provide them a phenomenal niche to interact amongst their contemporaries. At the same time, the program will enhance students' knowledge through healthy discussions and interactions with fellow participants from different schools along with their exposure.

General Rules and Regulations of the Events

  • This is solely an online event. Registration,inauguration, competition and prize distribution will be through an online platform (Zoom and Facebook live).
  • Only one student will participate from one school for the quiz contest. Only participant will be there in his /her room during the event .
  • Students of Grades Nine, Ten and SEE Appearing Students are eligible for the contest.
  • The medium of communication in the event will be English, if necessary Nepali language can be used for clarity .
  • Participants will be going through qualifying round, semi-final round and grand finale.
  • No any questions will be passed to the rival team since this is completely an online event.
  • Participants should be in complete school uniform during the event.
  • 10 Points will be awarded for every right answer. Maximum 20 seconds is allotted for each question.
  • If there occurs any tie among the participanting teams, the winner will be declared by asking additional questions.
  • In case of any disputes during the event, the decision taken by the Judge panel will be considered final.

Special Rules

As we are going through the global pandemic of Covid -19, it is not possible to go through physical way. All the events will be in virtual platform of zoom and Facebook live. Taking the support of any kind of electronic devices, cell phone, tablets or even any other person is strictly prohibited. If any participants are found breaching the rules, such a team will immediately be disqualified.

Questions and Contents

Questions are designed and prepared in a way to support the students of secondary level. Following topics are major areas for selection of questions.

  • Geography
  • History
  • Science and Technology
  • Religion and Culture
  • Games and Entertainment
  • International Affairs
  • Maths and IQ
  • Current affairs and miscellaneous


All the prizes and certificates will be provided through an electronic gateway.

1st Prize: Rs.25,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs.15,000/-

3rd Prize: Rs.10,000/-

Consolation Prize: Rs.3,000/- per person (for 3)

Important Timelines:

Registration Date - 13th Jestha to 20th Jestha, 2078

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Event Date

  • Competetion Starts From 23rd Jestha, 2078

Contact Persons

  • Depika Rimla Thapa- 9851120648
  • Jeetendra Ghimire- 9851140399
  • RB Adhikari- 9851061018
  • Arjun Chapagain- 9847476425

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