Sweta Sadan English Boarding School

Samakhusi , Kathmandu

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Samakhusi , Kathmandu

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About Us

As we know that education is the third eye of the human beings. It helps to discern whether the works we have been doing are good or not. Apart it, it also helps the human beings to kiss the peak or destination of evolution by stirring their life standard. As this in order to execute such kinds of objectives, many educational institutions have been setting up day by day. The procedure of gratifying such objectives might be diverse from institutions to institutions. However, the main objectives of each institution are to create the capable human resources. As fulfilling such objectives or creating capable human resources, Sweta Sadan is exclusively Montessori and English based Academic Institution well known for its dedication and devotion for the quality education was established in the year 2062B.S. with a sole objective; serving the nation in gaining titanic leap in today's global scenario guided, controlled and mobilized for 21st century relevant scientific education, situation at the highly accessible area of Samakhushi, Kathmandu. Sweta Sadan with its firm commitment to quality education is striving tirelessly for the children. It has been launching Higher Secondary (10+2) program in Management, Humanities and Education streams affiliated to National Education Board (NEB) especially for the betterment of the students and fulfilling the today's need of the country. It has recently been restructured under its new scholastic management to materialize its motto "Education for Knowledge, Skill and Wisdom."

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