Shankhamul Marg, BuddhaNagar , Kathmandu

Being a part of KMC (Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School) as a matter of pride and satisfaction, that was established with its motto. Academic Excellence Through Quality Education? has made study progress during the last 16 ye ars. KMC pe rsists to be a top ranking colle ge all ove r Nepal in the respective sector and its excellent achievementsin various ongoing academic programs especially 2 in Science and Management Stream.

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Dear Parents/GuardiansWell-wishers, It gives me immense pleasure as Principal of KMC School, Kathmandu, to be a part of this growing institution, and a member of this big school family. Our Mission is to nurture individual potential by cultivating intelligence and innovation. We believe intelligence and creativity will expand and grass', given the right encouragement and support from both teachers and parents/guardians.

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Shankhamul Marg, BuddhaNagar , Kathmandu

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About Us


KMC School is the junior wing of Kathmandu Model College (KMC), one of the most renowned colleges of Nepal. It is located at Buddhanagar, 500 meters South from Nayabaneshwor Chowk. It lies at a peaceful location away from the population overlooking open spaces and greeneries around it, which  helps the children to broaden the 

mental horizon in open and fresh surroundings.

KMC School is committed to academic excellence. The school is dedicated to maintain the academic environment with the help of outstanding faculty engaged in the task of creative sensibility, or sense of responsibility and moral integrity.

We believe that children today are responsible for citizens of tomorrow. However, the nourishment of these buds cannot blossom unless and until they get excellent academic environment which will enable them become acquainted with the nation and their society and family. KMC is committed to create homely but disciplined environment so that children may become aware of their own future.

KMC has a qualified team of instructors, who are continuously supervised and guided by a group of academicians, social workers as well as people involved in different disciplines of society. We have innovative practice in teaching and learning which can help students prove themselves outstanding in every corner of the world.

Our Motto
Acdemic Excellence Through Quality Education

"We embrace new changes and believe in the power of innovative practices"

Quality education is the principal means of an individual's growth and social development of a nation.

 KMC Goals

  • To provide children with the education of international standard  by developing their full potential in every sector.
  • To encourage them to learn skills so as to cope with everyday problems.
  • To provide them with full-fledged and balanced curriculum that fulfills the requirement of national as well as international curricula.
  • To instil respect in the minds of the children towards the national language, cultures and religions.
  • To promote good conduct and discipline.
  • To provide opportunities to the students regardless of caste, class, sex, religion, ethnicity.
  • To develop mutual understanding among parents, students and teachers.
  • To develop children as major role players in science, technology, art and literature.
  • To develop the school as one of the major role models for social transformation.


Our Beliefs

  • For KMC, every child is special and has unique ability. Our approach is to respect the diversity and reach to each child for nurturing his/her to grow.
  • The school is the place to ensure the child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.
  • School should become data driven adopting best practices; hence we have to consider KMC as the learning institution.  It always goes for innovative ways to enhance capacity and skills of students and connect their learning to real life context.
  • Teaching-learning at KMC is student-centered, focusing on hands-on activities for learning through experiences and guide them to construct their won understanding. The instructional activities also engage students up to critical and creative thinking.
  • School is a place that provides foundation for “lifelong learning’, which is possible only if both, teachers and students work together in respectful, noble, and caring atmosphere. Students need to have freedom to express their feelings and share their creativities.
  • Parent’s support and collaboration is important for creating positive learning environment for children.




The school normally admits children of the appropriate age and ability and as per the seats available. Each academic session at KMC School comprises twelve months starting in Baishakh (Mid – April) and ends the following Chaitra (Mid – March). 


1. Age criteria : By Baishakh, a child should be of the following age for different levels:

  • 2-3years in Play Group
  • 3-4years in Nursery 
  • 4-5 years in Preparatory
  • 5-6years in Grade One and so on. 

2. Those seeking admission should fill up and submit the admission form available at the School Administration or in the school website. 

3. Children must sit for an entrance examination conducted by the Student Admission Committee.

4. Only the list of candidates,based on merit,will be published and recommended for admission. Selected children and their parents will be called for interview.

5. The admission committee takes the final decision after checking the documents and interviewing the child and his/her parents.

6. Children who have been studying in any other school must submit  the copies of the following documents during admission:  Progress report and mark sheet of the previous year Transfer Certificate, Awards, Honors, Prizes or Participation Certificates (If any) Birth Certificate.

7. Based on the written entrance examination, interview and other criteria, the School reserves the right to admit students. If the number of children seeking admission exceeds the number of seats available, the following criteria will be used to decide priority: 

  • Level of academic performance
  • Local residents of Buddhanagar area
  • Having a brother or sister studying at the School
  • Children from the deprived and underprivileged communities

*On all issues related to the entrance examination, selection and admission, the decision of the School Management is final.


Class Size 

We strongly believe in nurturing young minds by providing individual care and attention. This is truly reflected in our policy of class sizes which is “Small enough for individual care; big enough for efficiency”.  The class sizes are as follows:

  • Pre-primary: 20 per class
  • Primary (Grade I to III): 25 per class
  • Middle (Grade IV to VI):  30 per class
  • Senior School (Grade VII and above): 35 per class 

Apply Now

Admission FAQ

It is best to apply as soon as you know that ……….. is an option for you. While there is no deadline for applications, we have limited vacancies and we follow a first come first serve policy, so apply early for your best chance of being admitted.

We are open from grade …………..

Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared on the basis of marks secured in the exam. A personal interview closely conducted by the School Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.

Forms can be collected from the school office or can be downloaded from our school website ……………. Completed forms can then either be handed in person in the school or email in …………………..

As part of the application approval process, all children have to participate in an age-appropriate entry assessment for basic math, languages (English and Nepali) and social interaction. This is needed to ensure a smooth and fully supported transition to the school and is by no means a “pass/fail” test. Parent interviews will also take place to ensure that their outlook towards education is in alignment with the school’s values and learning goals.

No. The school believes that every child should have a right to apply to KWS, and does not seek any form of monetary reimbursement for the process.

  • A completed application form along with a latest Passport sized photograph.
  • A Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Most recent Marks Sheet/Award/Certificate from the student’s previous or current school

Once the admission committee finalizes the entrance dates, you will receive a call and an email with the details.

The official admission process begins from 1st Chaitra every year but as the seats are limited, you will be able to reserve seats prior to the date once you are notified of your child’s selection.

Yes, our school offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Scholarships are provided on the basis of merit as well as criteria set by NEB. Student candidates are required to appear in scholarship exams held by the school for which the school admission desk provides you with the dates and time of exam. Selection is transparent and fair and thus, it is mandatory to pass out the scholarship exams.


KMC School has focused on developing students’ reading habits and language skills, and making them go beyond the text books and explore the resources on the topics of their interest. The School’s Library collections include English and Nepali classics as well as contemporary children’s literature. It also contains the works by children as part of their curricular activities. Our library has a separate reading section, a reference book section, and an audio visual language lab. 
For junior Grades we have Book Corners in each class with interesting books for little children. 

A well- equipped computer laboratory is available for the students of all Grades. KMC School uses its ICT facilities for teaching in various disciplines as well as for research work. The School has upgraded its ITC/AV labs including the SMART BOARDS to familiarize our students with the latest technologies and use them for effective instructional activities. We also have sufficient computers, and audio-visual equipment, including VCD players, TV, projectors and sound boxes for learning through audio-visuals and for conducting various presentations, trainings and performing arts programs.

KMC believes in learning through exploration and experiences. We have well-equipped Science labs for Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Astrology so that students can learn through experiments. We have recently established Language Lab and Mathematics Lab to enhance experiential learning in those subjects.

Besides curricular activities, KMC School has also focused on developing students’ hobbies in visual and performing arts. We have a large Art Room with well-set resources, a Music Room with varied musical equipment and instruments, and a Dance Studio with large mirrors where students can observe themselves improving their skills and performances on a daily basis

KMC School has a spacious and well-equipped dance room. We have regular dance classes up to grade V, and the senior grades students may use it during their club times. 

We offer most of the popular sports items such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Table tennis, Badminton etc. We even have ample varieties of indoor games items. In most of the out-door games we experts to guide the students.


We have prepared our hostel settings and human resources keeping in mind hostel for our children must be “a home away from home”. 
We have separate Junior and Senior hostels for boys and girls. Our hostel team is prepared to work day and night tirelessly in order to provide the highest degree of care and emotional support to our children. Our hostel children can enjoy modern hostel facilities and homely environment at a reasonable cost. Our hostel is much liked by our residential students. We offer every support needed for the children to ensure they are physically healthy and strong, and academically sound. We have outstanding team of teachers to guide them on regular basis to uplift their learning gain. They also have regular meditation, and sporting activities to help them to become healthy and calm.

The Transport Department manages the safe and smooth transport of our students to and from the School. Our buses are in excellent condition for easy communication with the School in the event of emergency. Our drivers have been specially trained to respond to a variety of conditions that they may face on the road. Our bus attendants make sure that young children are never dropped off unless there is an adult to receive and pick them up. We frequently give orientations to the bus staff to reflect on their responsibilities and make them proficient in their jobs.

School has a counseling unit with a professional counselor. She/he has earned her/his degree and training in psychology and counseling. The counselor takes care of psychological, behavioral and social problems of the children. The counselor also provides the service for children individually or in groups to deal with their personal and group issues. 

We have spacious multi-purpose halls for conducting programs, workshops, meditations, and indoor sport activities. We also have separate playgrounds for different school blocks so that the maximum number of children can play and enjoy the out-door activities, both curricular and extra-curricular activities.  

School has a full time Nurse in position in school infirmary for immediate service in need. We provide First Aid on the spot in the case of accidents or illness of our children. Parents will be contacted or notified and the child will be taken to a nearby hospital immediately for further treatment, if necessary. We are highly aware of the safety of the children. Whether children are in or out of School, we are well prepared to respond to a variety of emergency situations. We often organize dental, eye and ENT checkup workshops in school as precautions. 
School also has its own water purification plants to offer safe drinking water. We have dispensers in each block for hot/normal drinking water for all.

The school is located within a secure compound. High walls and fencing make the borders of the school, and the front gate is opened only after visitors are identified. Well-trained, fully equipped, Ex-Army guards offer patrol service to the school round the clock. Entire school premises are also monitored by CCTV cameras for 24 hours.

Our dedicated and hardworking canteen staffs are busy round the clock preparing delicious, fresh and healthy food items for our students and staffs. A wholesome, hot and fresh menu that ensures a balanced diet is provided to children and faculty who wish to have snacks and meals at school. We encourage our students to enjoy fresh and healthy snacks served at our canteen. 


Achievements in Inter-school Events / Competitions in 2076

<p>Our students participated in numerous ECA and CCA Competitions organized by various national/international organizations. Our students were appreciated and rewarded in 28 different categories over the year. We bagged 14 First Positions, 2 Second positions, 11 Third Positions and 10 additional awards and recognitions for their best performances. The detail is given below:</p>


Located at ........... near ......., our School is served by regular & quick public transport – buses, micro-vans, and tempos.

Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared or on the basis of previous grades. A personal interview closely conducted by the School Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.

Yes, our school offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Some of our co-curricular activities include debating, elocution, essay writing, painting, drama, project, and excursions.

we have most of the sports facilities for our students.

Our Library is full of text-books, reference books/encyclopedias, and journals/ newspapers/magazines to keep the students well-informed. We have transportation facility as well.