Euro School

Ganesh Chowk Hattigaunda , Kathmandu


Shailaja Adhikary

At Euro School, all aspects of our educational processes are carefully designed to cultivate and stimulate the intellectual, social, and personal development of the most important stakeholders at this institution; the students. Our students learn the curriculum, through modern learning student centric pedagogical approaches which are imparted by a highly trained faculty.

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Ganesh Chowk Hattigaunda , Kathmandu

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About Us

Welcome to Euro School, a balanced modern school dedicated to produce bright minds for future Nepal and the world. In 2007, Euro Kids (Tangal) successfully introduced international standards to preschool education in Nepal. Its success led to the birth of Euro School on 19th April, 2008. The school was shifted to Hadigaun after two years as the number of students increased. In 2018, the school was shifted to New Colony, Hattigauda where good infrastructure is provided. Euro School, one of the premium schools in Nepal, is the venture of Euro Kids (Tangal) and IEC group.

At Euro School, we strive to achieve a balance between academics and co-curricular activities, between theoretical and practical learning, between national curriculum and new generation teaching aids and more importantly shaping a child to be a responsible global citizen while retaining the rich Nepali ethos. Our school is a center, a laboratory, where students develop ideas and understanding pursuit, passion and dreams and hold themselves and their classmates accountable for shared and individual work.


Our endeavor is to provide learning experiences through the provision of –

• Differentiated, in-depth and cohesive learning programs which stimulate and develop each child’s abilities to his or her highest potential.

• Highly motivated and dedicated teachers who are result oriented through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, coaching, mentoring and collaboration.

• A learning environment that is responsive to students’ voices. Enriching and engaging resources.

• Opportunities for parents and guardians to take an active part in learning and decision making policies.


Our vision is to be a premier global educational institution by providing a broader, bolder, holistic and more meaningful education. We strive to cultivate all round qualities in a student through excellence in education that shall foster academic understanding, brilliance, spiritual wellbeing,psychological strengths, resourcefulness and creative skills,social responsibility and concern for one’s environment.




Laboratories are an integral part of the EuroSchool curriculum and pedagogy. Our Laboratories enable students to achieve a deeper understanding of concepts taught in the classroom by demonstrating to them applications and processes based on these concepts. In fact no learning would be fun without practical demonstration.

  • EuroSchool has state-of-the-art laboratories for Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences
  • The Laboratories are equipped with the most modern tools and equipments.
  • EuroSchool focuses on measures to ensure Lab safety to avoid accidents.

Computers, during the last two decades or so, have been instrumental in bringing about changes in the way we communicate and gather information and knowledge. Modern education would be incomplete without adequate computer skills. In addition to arming students with requisite knowledge to use computers, EuroSchool encourages teachers and students to exploit the benefits of Information technology throughout their teaching / learning program. The curriculum infuses substantial involvement of technology and computers at every stage thereby enabling students to appreciate and apply these skills in real time.

  • The ICT Lab possesses the latest computer systems connected to a central main server equipped with a range of original software applications.
  • High speed internet connectivity in the ICT Lab enables teachers and students to browse the web and aid them in their acquisition of information.
  • Ongoing support from our qualified IT faculty to train and guide the students
  • In-house Systems Administrators to maintain deployment of the facility in excellent shape

 Libraries are the treasure house from where students acquire skills to collect, critically analyse and organise information, thereby,facilitating the planning and implementation of their learning programs. Good Quality books sustain in students the habit of reading for pleasure which in turn enriches the students’ intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth. Libraries provide teachers with access to relevant curriculum information and professional development materials within and outside the school.

  • The Euro School library is spacious with huge floor spaces to accommodate a large number of titles
  • It is well-stocked with an eclectic collection of age – appropriate Indian and International storybooks, novels, activity books, picture books, educational & reference books
  • Euro School is amongst a handful of similar institutions that have an exhaustive range of interactive digital books, films and audio books
  • The library also possesses a recording studio where children can record live plays and songs in their own voice
  • Our concept of Balanced Schooling places equal emphasis on both academics and co-curricular activities in the curriculum. Playfields, along with our academic facilities are an essential component of our infrastructure.
  • EuroSchool has a spacious outdoor playground for all students as well as a dedicated outdoor play area for pre-primary students.
  • The playground houses facilities for playing cricket & football apart from specially designed basketball & tennis courts.

Modern research has proved that good quality infrastructure in a school environment can greatly influence the overall well being and academic output of a child. Taking cognizance to this proven fact, Euro School offers a perfect mix of good infrastructure, positive ambience and modern amenities which act as great catalysts in the child’s learning process. Children learn and flourish when they have a caring and nurturing school environment. Area First of all, it is a vast open area, of about 30 ropanis where the atmosphere is clean and invigorating! This really creates a great impact on the mind and body. Therefore, the infrastructure of the school has improved. EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION To put our minds at rest, the entire construction in raised on a solid base and the 1 st floor consists of firm pre-fab construction, which is lighter and flexible, making it much more durable and safer. The building has been designed by renowned architect and has been passed from the Bhawan Vibhag of Govt. of Nepal & Municipality

The Campus has a dedicated 20 MBPS Broad band connectivity which allows Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus.

Modern research has proved that good quality infrastructure in a school environment can greatly influence the overall well being and academic output of a child. Taking cognizance of this proven fact, Euro School offers a perfect mix of good infrastructure, quality ambience and modern amenities which act as great catalysts in the child’s learning process. Children learn and flourish when they have a good,caring and nurturing school environment.

  • Our classrooms are spacious and well ventilated supported by adequate lighting.
  • We have ergonomically designed desks and chairs to encourage students to follow good and healthy seating postures
  • Euro School is easily accessible to residential areas of the given city though located a distance away from the densely populated settlements.
  • Our all classrooms are equipped with projector and broad band internet.