Deep Boarding High School

Deep Boarding High School

Sukkhanagar-8, Butwal , Rupandehi

Mr. Rajendra Prasad Dhoju


Dear Readers,
I’m very much inclined to introduce what ‘Deep’ real!y is . Deep is a deep (Deep) storage of light of knowledge (Deep). It is the intellectual out come for the scholarly interaction among a cohesive team of dynamic and managerial professionals and distinguished academicians from different sectors. It has a prolonged plan for catering a career oriented quality education to its scholars to make them well cultured and holistically developed in the future.See More

T.R. Nyoupane


Dear students and respected guardians,
It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce Deep Boarding High school and its academic faculties through this website. Deep Boarding High School, established in 2037B.S., has successfully completed 39 years playing great/vital role in the realm of national education producing skilled manpower. I would like to express my gratitude to the management committee members, teachers, staff, guardians and students and to all the well wishes for their kind... See More

Sukkhanagar-8, Butwal , Rupandehi


About Us

Deep Boarding High School

Deep Boarding High School, which was established in 1980 with profound aim of enhancing knowledge of the students through practical education, has already celebrated its silver jubilee in 2005. The school has been 'Deepakalizing' the society and the students with the bright rays of education since its establishment with the motto 'Education is the light of life.'

The school believes in practical based quality education. So, it not only gives emphasis on reading and writing but also gives equal emphasis on extra curricular activities for all round development of the students. In its friendly educational environment, it provides the students opportunities to cultivate their minds. The school is deeply concerned about the discipline and behavior of its students. Eventually the goal of the school is to produce dynamic and responsible citizens for the nation to meet the concept of ' New Nepal'

The school has got young and energetic team both in management and teaching field. It has got well, qualified, experienced and devoted teachers / facilitators for good guidance. The school has managed level wise co-ordinators and department heads to maintain good academic performance in the school. The school does have approximately all prerequisite for a good academy like school building, class rooms, library, computer lab, science lab, first aid section, pure drinking water, account section with computerized account system etc.

Deep Boarding High School has come up to this stage due to the marvelous effort of management committee, executives, teachers, parents and students. The pleasant fragrance of quality education of the school can be felt from the results of SLC / SEE held in the previous years. The school has been getting 100% result since long.

School Location:

Deep Boarding High School, a five storied building is situated at Sukkhanagar, Butwal-8, Rupandehi. The building is in five minute's walk to the east from the heart of the city, Milachowk. It is very much close to, the west of, Butwal Hill Park. This scholars' home has a hostel with homely environment. The hostel has been divided into two sectors for boys and girls. It has the capacity of about 150 students.  As teaching and non teaching staff, the school has appointed 75 enthusiastic, devoted, loyal, dexterous, elegant and qualified personnel. The School has a good canteen for teachers and Students. It has computerized account system. In addition students are provided pure drinking water filtered by Euro Guard System.






The school has been encouraging the students by providing free ship and scholarship facilities to the children since its establishment. Only disciplined, labourious and studious students can achieve this facility. Free-ship and scholarship are provided under some terms and conditions.
They are:

  1. Students are provided with all sorts of facilities that have been declared to provide the students by PABSON and Government of Nepal.
  2. The guardian or parents should apply to the office of the school for the free- ship and scholarship before 15th of Baisakh of every academic session.
  3. Level first, second and third students are provided with 100% free facility. There are three levels ie. Nursery and KG?1st level, One to Five ? 2nd level, and 6 to 10 ? 3rd level. And class first, second and third students are provided with 100%, 75% and 50% discount in their monthly fee respectively.
  4. The students who reveal outstanding performance in extra curricular activities are provided with 25% to 100 % discount in their monthly fee as per their performance.
  5. If any student secures 90% marks in grade 8 [Basic Level Certificate Exam], he/she is provided with hostel facility free.
  6. Disabled and helpless students are provided with free-ship facility as per the government policy if the students are talent in study.
  7. If the total fee of an academic year of a student is paid, he/ she is provided with 10% discount in the amount and if 6 month's fee is paid, 5 % discount is provided.
  8. Freeship or scholarship will not be provided to any students on the basis of their numbers. For the achievement of any scholarship or freeship the student must be morally well behaved and has to pass the exam fairly. Beside it, he/ she must have 90% attendance.
  9. If students are able to secure 90% in the final exam of grade 9, they will be provided with free hostel facilities. More over, if new student in grade nine is able to secure 90% in entrance exam, he / she will be provided with 100% free-ship according to economical condition of the students.


The school has been awarding with medals and certificates to those students who are able to reveal outstanding performance either in extra activities or in SLC examination. The awards are.

  1. If the students secure more than 90% marks in SLC examination, she / he is honored with Deep Gold Medal Award and certificate.
  2. If the students in extra curricular activities are able to get first, second and third position in district level competitions, they are awarded / honored with medals and certificates.

Apply Now


Admission to the school is made through an entrance test which is held in the beginning of the academic year.
Admission forms are issued from the last week of Chaitra from the account section. After filling it, it must be submitted to the office.
The entrance test will be held for the following subjects for the following classes / grades: From KG to Five: Nepali, English and Maths From Six to Nine: Nepali, English, Maths and Science (Full marks 25 in each subject]
The result of the test is published after one day of the test and the students must be admitted within 3 days of the result publication.
Admission form along with the required documents should be submitted for admission. Required documents are :
Admission for nursery starts from 15th Chaitra every year.

Document Require to Admission:
I) Transfer Certificate
II) Character Certificate.
III) Mark-Sheet.
IV) Birth Certificate (For Nursery only)

Note: The date of entrance test will be published in local newspaper or broadcasted from F.M. radio 15 days before the test.

Apply Now

Admission FAQ

It is best to apply as soon as you know that ……….. is an option for you. While there is no deadline for applications, we have limited vacancies and we follow a first come first serve policy, so apply early for your best chance of being admitted.

We are open from grade …………..

Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared on the basis of marks secured in the exam. A personal interview closely conducted by the School Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.

Forms can be collected from the school office or can be downloaded from our school website ……………. Completed forms can then either be handed in person in the school or email in …………………..

As part of the application approval process, all children have to participate in an age-appropriate entry assessment for basic math, languages (English and Nepali) and social interaction. This is needed to ensure a smooth and fully supported transition to the school and is by no means a “pass/fail” test. Parent interviews will also take place to ensure that their outlook towards education is in alignment with the school’s values and learning goals.

No. The school believes that every child should have a right to apply to KWS, and does not seek any form of monetary reimbursement for the process.

  • A completed application form along with a latest Passport sized photograph.
  • A Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Most recent Marks Sheet/Award/Certificate from the student’s previous or current school

Once the admission committee finalizes the entrance dates, you will receive a call and an email with the details.

The official admission process begins from 1st Chaitra every year but as the seats are limited, you will be able to reserve seats prior to the date once you are notified of your child’s selection.

Yes, our school offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Scholarships are provided on the basis of merit as well as criteria set by NEB. Student candidates are required to appear in scholarship exams held by the school for which the school admission desk provides you with the dates and time of exam. Selection is transparent and fair and thus, it is mandatory to pass out the scholarship exams.


The school has got a well maintained hostel for boys and girls. It is a home away from home. All students get homely environment with all sorts of teaching learning facilities. Coaching classes are run by experienced, qualified and elegant teachers. Students get ample opportunities for their holistic development. Students are admitted in the hostel only after checking their activities in the school if found satisfactory. If any students want to join the hostel facility, they must be admitted in the month of Baishak and can't leave it in the middle of the session.

The school has five luxurious buses which carry the students whose houses are far from the school. The school buses reach up to Golapark in the north, Nayamill in the south and Belbas in the west. Bus identity card is a must to enjoy the bus facility. If any student desires to discontinue the bus facility, prior information is required.

The school has set up a comprehensive library full of teaching and learning materials like course books, reference materials of different subjects, newspapers. magazines, different tools and instruments for games and sports etc. The students are allowed to borrow the reference material of their interest with the provision of fortnightly renewal. NB: Library card is a must to use the reference materials of the library. Marking, underlining, cutting and tearing the pages of the library books are strictly prohibited. Incase it is found doing so, the student will be charged double price of the book.

All kinds of stationery and educational materials will be supplied by the school in cheap rate. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to bring such materials which are supplied by the school. School supplies such materials to maintain quality, uniformity and prompt availability rather than business point of view.

Deep Boarding High School has installed wide range of teaching materials. Audio and video teaching is at most. Pictures, charts, cards and substantial materials are of plenty. Demonstration and example method is applied in the classroom. Focus is given to students vase activities.

Deep gives extra focus to sports, games and mind development programs. Every Friday students take part in different activities like quiz contest. Poetry, singing and dancing competition, game and sports both outdoor and indoor. Junior level students are given one period extra work everyday such as painting, drawing, conversation, sports, yogas etc. These all activities are supervised by the chief of extra curricular Department.

The school is aware of the fact that in the absence of computer knowledge, one becomes illiterate even after being certificate holder in this era. So, the school has set up two modern computer labs where computers have been managed for practical classes. Computer classes are conducted alternatively where each student is given equal opportunity to play with the computer.

The school has set up a special science lab with necessary science equipments required for the practical classes of science as the school gives emphasis on practical education. The students who visit the laboratory are allowed to use the necessary materials under the supervision of respective subject teachers.

he school has a 24-hours on call medical doctor with a medical assistant. First aid service and medicine facility are available in the medical section of the school. The school provides periodic medical check up and test of the students to ensure that they have good health. In case of serious illness or intensive medical treatment is required, the school timely informs the concerning parents for further medical treatment.