Chanakya Secondary School

Chanakya Secondary School

Madhyapur Thimi , Bhaktapur

Mr. Chandan K. Shrestha


Major changes are taking place in the world, changes that will affect changes in the education sector as well. Given this reality, Chanakya College of Management/SS is committed to bringing about the required changes and revolution in Higher Education in Nepal. An academic institution established with the vision of providing solid knowledge of curriculum along with the value-added understanding of the same; to build the scope of pragmatism amongst the youth. Keeping up with the new ways of wo... See More

Mr. Basuki Raj Regmi


Dear Parents, Scholars, and Students,

Many great scholars believe that education is the manifestation of perfection that already existing in human beings. Chanakya, a great Indian philosopher and scholar, opines thus:

प्रथमे नार्जिता विद्या द्वितीये नार्जितं धनम्  
तृतीये नार्जिता धर्म चतूर्थे किं करिष्यति ?

This means we have to gain knowledge in the first stage of life, earn money in the second stag... See More

Mr. Ashish Vaidya

Co- Ordinator

There is no doubting that it is education that can change the world, so we at Chanakya feel responsible, proud and fortunate to be a part of this beautiful process. Of course, education is not easy but its fruits are worth the effort. Our mind is the most powerful thing that there is and learning and knowledge is what makes it that way. So our mission here at Chanakya is to help foster the minds of our students enabling them to become not just smart and intelligent, but also good human beings... See More

Madhyapur Thimi , Bhaktapur

01-6637126, 6632927

About Us

Chanakya Secondary School/College is a premier institution established in 2066 BS with the primary objective of providing excellent educational service to students from Montessori to twelfth grade. Currently, we offer Higher Secondary Courses (+2level) in Management and Science (proposed), BBS, and MBS with its own infrastructural facilities in an independent block. We aim to extend more University level programs in the future.

Chanakya stands out from other institutions with its immense growth potential. Since the time of its inception, a team of dedicated professionals has constantly worked on delivering quality educational service to its students. We are confident that the bond between young students and a group of expert faculty members will encourage students aspiring to become experts in their desired field and achieve their career goals.

The campus with space of 20000sqft provides highly spacious and well-equipped classrooms along with all the basic amenities contributing to the richness of learning experience. We are also proud of our alumni who have been successful in creating a positive impact in Nepal as well as the global arena. We welcome students, parents, and guardians to the Chanakya family.


Located at ........... near ......., our School is served by regular & quick public transport – buses, micro-vans, and tempos.

Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared or on the basis of previous grades. A personal interview closely conducted by the School Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.

Yes, our school offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Some of our co-curricular activities include debating, elocution, essay writing, painting, drama, project, and excursions.

we have most of the sports facilities for our students.

Our Library is full of text-books, reference books/encyclopedias, and journals/ newspapers/magazines to keep the students well-informed. We have transportation facility as well.