Apex Life School

Apex Life School

Chabahil, Saraswatinagar , Kathmandu

Subas Neupane

Executive Director

Dear Guardians and Well Wishers,


Thank you for your interest in Apex Life School in Kathmandu. We are delighted to announce that Apex Life School has become a part of Apex College, a premier schooling system, with the beginning of a new and more powerful approach to equitable education. One of the most important responsibilities you undertake is choosing the right school for your child. Today's pre-school children will be graduating in 20 years from now. We ha... See More

Tika Upreti


Apex Life School was established in 2040 B.S. as Sishu Niketan, which was renamed Serene Valley School, and then Apex Life School in 2067 B.S. Today it enjoys the privilege of offering enriched academic and socio-spiritual education in world class standards. In friendly atmosphere and educationally rich classrooms, we aim to inspire and encourage our students to think, question and imagine. We strive to make learning a joyous experience which engages every child whilst maintaining academ... See More

L.P. Bhanu Sharma


Education has never been as challenging as it is today. On other hand, scientific development has changed our ways of thinking, working and living and on the other hand, these changes have brought about unprecedented stress, conflicts, uncertainties and ambiguities in human lives. At such a time, educating young minds need lots of wisdom, compassion and sound choices.
I am proud that Apex Life School offers the perfect balance of knowledge, skills, and spiritual values.
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Chabahil, Saraswatinagar , Kathmandu




About Us

Apex Life School

Established in 2040 BS as Sishu Nitekan School, this premier institution—now known as Apex Life School—has a history of more than three decades now. It has witnessed changes in the education system, policies, curriculum and pedagogy, and every time it has prevailed with its ever-evolving approach to schooling. It has a glorious history of pass records in S.L.C. examination, mostly registering a 100%  success rate. Its graduates are placed at various places in Nepal and abroad, both in governmental and non-governmental works in high and lucrative profiles. Many of its graduates are undergoing higher education in Nepal and abroad with an extremely commendable performance record. Over the years, it has brought drastic changes and revision in its pedagogical approach by supplementing curriculum-driven teaching with physical and spiritual education. Its emphasis on the development of soft and physical skills—through its sports and co-curricular activities—has done justice to multiple intelligence children are innately endowed with. Many of its graduates are actors, singers, public speakers and social leaders today. The School has maintained an extremely cordial social relation with the locality in its immediate neighbourhood.


We envision that Apex Life School becomes the most prestigious and exemplary learning institution in Nepal by inheriting the best educational philosophy and teaching practices to nurture and hone every child’s individual talent and skill, by dint of which, they shall exhibit a direct balance between learnt lessons and lived experiences, and become responsible citizens guided by spiritual and ethical values.


We aim to develop human beings who will help to create a better society and ultimately a better world. We strive to empower each student through the right blend of modern education, appropriate skills and deep-rooted spiritual values, with the help of which our students will develop to be curious and confident risk-takers with compassion towards life.


Apex Life School offers the facilities that are responsive to the modern expectations, carefully tailored to its pristine physical environment which is comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Fully-equipped medical room
  • Dining hall with modern facilities
  • A safe and hygienic modern kitchen
  • Audio-visual rooms for junior and senior blocks
  • Fully-equipped computer and science laboratories
  • Smart class, computer assisted learning, project based activities
  • Well-resourced library with e-library facility
  • Two meals a day (lunch and snacks)
  • Transportation
  • Extra-Curricular Activities (Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Taekwondo and Futsal)
  • Creative Apex School Club (Vocals, Dance (Both Classical & Modern), Keyboard, Guitar, Art& Craft, Violin, Leather Instruments, Yoga & Meditation, Drama, Scouts)
  • Speaker’s club (public speaking)
  • Writer’s club (creative writing)
  • Nature club



Full exemption of tuition fees for five economically incapacitated students and five students from ethnic minority communities. An application should be forwarded for claiming these scholarships at the time of admission, along with the necessary supporting documents. The application will put through further screening. The school reserves the right to make the final decision on the beneficiary of the scholarship scheme.

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Full Scholarships are awarded to the two students with out-standing academic results and an exceptional ECA/CRE performance for the particular academic year respectively. (Note: All scholarship schemes will be directed by the Nepal Government's scholarship rules and regulations).

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Thank you for your interest in Apex Life School. We feel honoured that you are taking time to learn about Apex – a place for the holistic development of your child.
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Admission FAQ

It is best to apply as soon as you know that ……….. is an option for you. While there is no deadline for applications, we have limited vacancies and we follow a first come first serve policy, so apply early for your best chance of being admitted.

We are open from grade …………..

Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared on the basis of marks secured in the exam. A personal interview closely conducted by the School Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.

Forms can be collected from the school office or can be downloaded from our school website ……………. Completed forms can then either be handed in person in the school or email in …………………..

As part of the application approval process, all children have to participate in an age-appropriate entry assessment for basic math, languages (English and Nepali) and social interaction. This is needed to ensure a smooth and fully supported transition to the school and is by no means a “pass/fail” test. Parent interviews will also take place to ensure that their outlook towards education is in alignment with the school’s values and learning goals.

No. The school believes that every child should have a right to apply to KWS, and does not seek any form of monetary reimbursement for the process.

  • A completed application form along with a latest Passport sized photograph.
  • A Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Most recent Marks Sheet/Award/Certificate from the student’s previous or current school

Once the admission committee finalizes the entrance dates, you will receive a call and an email with the details.

The official admission process begins from 1st Chaitra every year but as the seats are limited, you will be able to reserve seats prior to the date once you are notified of your child’s selection.

Yes, our school offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Scholarships are provided on the basis of merit as well as criteria set by NEB. Student candidates are required to appear in scholarship exams held by the school for which the school admission desk provides you with the dates and time of exam. Selection is transparent and fair and thus, it is mandatory to pass out the scholarship exams.


Yoga, meditation and scouts is an important part of the schooling system at Apex Life School. Students are required to participate in special yoga and meditation classes that help them manage the stress incurred from tiring study hours. Replacing basic exercises with low to high impact yoga exercises makes the students healthy, wealthy and wise, and ultimately sound in health. It benefits professional life and ensures better work output. The scout classes help students to develop character and discipline.

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” -Buddha

While the child’s learning environment is an integral part of a child’s education and indeed their life, it should not be the only location of their education. The traditional classroom setting will teach a child a great deal, but at Apex Life School your child will have a truly well-rounded education, supplemented with after-school and extracurricular activities led by the department ‘Beyond Text Books’ (BTB).

Textbooks are often thought of as a critical tool for teachers in the classroom. But when it comes to teaching in the classroom, Apex Life School has found that more and more teachers around the globe are moving away from traditional textbooks. Studies show that students learn better when they are involved in project-based learning, and that’s what we do at the Beyond Textbooks Department. Working hand in hand, teachers take up a transition from static textbooks to connecting students’ learning with the world around them.

The Beyond Textbooks programme uses the national curriculum and helps students in the development of the three main aspects of the education system, ‘The Body’, ‘The Soul’ and ‘The Mind’.

To cater to these three aspects special activities and projects are carried out every month. The monthly theme is being followed which is a great tool for helping teachers to coordinate their class activities by including them in their lessons and projects. Apart from the monthly theme, the school also exposes children to different outdoor projects on regular basis.

Under the BTB programme the school also runs extracurricular (ECA) and creative expressions (CRE). Students must participate regularly in extracurricular activities and creative expression. Doing so helps them enjoy a host of benefits. They learn, grow, and most importantly, having fun.

The ECA classes that are run in the school are

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Cricket
  • Modern Dance
  • Classical Dance

On the other hand, CRE classes include

  • Vocal Music
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Leather instruments
  • Theatre
  • Art
  • Craft

These classes have been designed to develop the child mind.

Whether your child is a budding musician, an eager athlete, or a caring volunteer, there is certainly to be an extracurricular activity or a creative expression activity he or she will love at Apex Life School. We encourage you, along with your child, to learn more about many after-school programs and project-based activities we carry out at Apex Life School to find the one your child is interested in.


 A highly dedicated, qualified and experienced team has been delivering the school's curriculum. They guide, nurture, love and respect every student. To improve the teachers' professional standards further, the school has been providing regular training, workshops and teachers development programs within the school and at other venues.

Teaching/Learning Pedagogy

  • Project-based learning
  • Lecture, role play, interactive learning, group work, task –based cross-curricular
  • An amalgam of Eastern and Western educational philosophies

 To support learning, we use:

  • Laboratories (Science Lab, Computer Lab)
  • Library
  • Smart class with varieties of teaching software
  • Educational tours and excursions
  • Community outreach programs


Our teaching helps in developing a curious mind and aims to push students to be independent and able to find solutions to any problem they encounter. Mind, Body and Soul are the three fundamental premises. The rich balance of Life Skill Programs at our school teaches students how to think outside the box, build positive behavior, develop self- confidence and a sense of responsibility.


This is where we train the body in order to help our students face any challenge and conquer it with ease.


We aim to teach the students our cultural and moral values. We believe that these values will enable our students to thrive in the modern world.


Comment from Parent
<h2>I am highly satisfied with the education provided by Apex to my children. If you are seeking a right place...</h2>


Located at ........... near ......., our School is served by regular & quick public transport – buses, micro-vans, and tempos.

Yes, our school offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Some of our co-curricular activities include debating, elocution, essay writing, painting, drama, project, and excursions.

we have most of the sports facilities for our students.

Our Library is full of text-books, reference books/encyclopedias, and journals/ newspapers/magazines to keep the students well-informed. We have transportation facility as well.

Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared or on the basis of previous grades. A personal interview closely conducted by the School Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.