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Alok Vidyashram

Shahid Marg, Gyaneshwor , Kathmandu



Welcome to Alok Vidyashram and thank you for visiting our website. I take this opportunity to provide you information on this website with useful insights into the possibilities that exist for your children in this wonderful school.

For over 27 years Alok has provided an educational offering that has allowed its graduating students the opportunity to take up study at renowned universities around the world. At the same time, attributes espoused by CBSE and SEE Board curriculum provid... See More

Shahid Marg, Gyaneshwor , Kathmandu

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About Us

Established in the year 1994, Alok Vidyashram, affiliated with both CBSE and SEE Boards, offers a full-fledged high school program from Nursery to Class 12. Education at Alok moves beyond classrooms as we strive to provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment that promotes children’s learning, develops confidence and encourages the individual child’s growth and development.



Admission FAQ

It is best to apply as soon as you know that ……….. is an option for you. While there is no deadline for applications, we have limited vacancies and we follow a first come first serve policy, so apply early for your best chance of being admitted.

We are open from grade …………..

Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared on the basis of marks secured in the exam. A personal interview closely conducted by the School Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.

Forms can be collected from the school office or can be downloaded from our school website ……………. Completed forms can then either be handed in person in the school or email in …………………..

As part of the application approval process, all children have to participate in an age-appropriate entry assessment for basic math, languages (English and Nepali) and social interaction. This is needed to ensure a smooth and fully supported transition to the school and is by no means a “pass/fail” test. Parent interviews will also take place to ensure that their outlook towards education is in alignment with the school’s values and learning goals.

No. The school believes that every child should have a right to apply to KWS, and does not seek any form of monetary reimbursement for the process.

  • A completed application form along with a latest Passport sized photograph.
  • A Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Most recent Marks Sheet/Award/Certificate from the student’s previous or current school

Once the admission committee finalizes the entrance dates, you will receive a call and an email with the details.

The official admission process begins from 1st Chaitra every year but as the seats are limited, you will be able to reserve seats prior to the date once you are notified of your child’s selection.

Yes, our school offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Scholarships are provided on the basis of merit as well as criteria set by NEB. Student candidates are required to appear in scholarship exams held by the school for which the school admission desk provides you with the dates and time of exam. Selection is transparent and fair and thus, it is mandatory to pass out the scholarship exams.


• Physical activity is essential to the holistic development of students which is vital to their physical, social, and emotional health. The benefits of sport reach beyond the impact of physical well-being and its educational benefits are extremely valuable.
• Participation in sport helps students to attain the optimum state of well-being by improving their physical coordination, enhancing strength, and developing life skills.
• Playing sport on a regular basis helps students to relax, overcome anxiety and tension.
• It helps in boosting students’ self-esteem and confidence. Students can handle stress and pressure by applying time and self-management skills to balance their academics, sports, and other activities.
• Sport helps in fostering team spirit, cooperation, and leadership skills. Students learn to cooperate with their peers and learn to function in harmony with others while respecting different points of view.
• It is essential that children develop the true spirit of sportsmanship to meet the challenges that come in life.

Sports in Alok

Sport in Alok aims at motivating every student to explore, engage and excel in a sport of their interest. It also develops a student’s understanding of health. A wide range of sports activities is offered in our curricular and co-curricular programs which run throughout the year. Students train under-qualified staff and renowned coaches to achieve their highest potential. Basketball, football, and cricket are the most popular team sports in the school. Individual pursuits like horse riding, swimming, roller skating, athletics, and chess allow students to challenge themselves and develop skills through carpentry and mechanics. Students enthusiastically participate in racket sports like badminton and table tennis. Judo and Karate are the combat sports offered in school. Students are provided with opportunities to participate in inter-house and inter-school competitions. The school also organizes in-house events like the athletic meet and the swimming competition.