Asia Pacific School

Asia Pacific School

Tolakha Road , Kathmandu

Tolakha Road , Kathmandu

01-5159108, 5159128

About Us

ASIA PACIFIC SCHOOL (APS) provides an inspiring, inclusive and challenging learning environment while celebrating academic excellence. We encourage and support all our students to become successful, global minded, enthusiastic lifelong learners who confidently take advantage of future opportunities and help make a difference. Together with our teachers, staffs and parents, we support our students to fully develop their potential in a motivating, multilingual and international learning environment. We will create a learning culture where all learnersare fully engaged in holistic, meaningful and innovative learning experiences in a caring and collaborative learning community, supported by partnerships with parents and families. Our emphasis will be on providing value-based education in an intellectually stimulating learning environment, imparted by professionals trained in progressive teaching- learning approaches. We help transform young learners into knowledgeable, confident, responsible and proactive individuals with international mindedness and a passion for lifelong learning. We aim to prepare individuals to face the challenges in a complex and interconnected global community. So, we believe that learning is for life skills. The future-focused and integrated approach to learning will focus on a wider range of knowledge that is content specific. It will use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. It will be project-based and will allow students wider breadth of knowledge into STEAM subjects through a trans-disciplinary approach.

  • Vision

    The vision of Asia Pacific School is to prepare dynamic, caring, world class citizens of tomorrow, to meet the challenges of global society; while retaining their good traditional values via a vibrant teaching and learning environment.

  • Mission

    To be centre for excellence in education with a rich heritage of Nepal, will stress on the simultaneous development of body, mind, spirit and endeavour to compassionate, responsible and innovative global citizens, committed to the development of Nepal and the world.

  • Motto

    Learning for life skills